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  • This storm rolled though my back yard last week.

    --- 6 days ago --- 12 notes ---

    I have been trying to work more and more on a new series that I have started a few months ago involving me and the personal relationships I have with the people I meet weather it be in the bear community, Leather community, or just people who admire men of large stature. 

    It has moved away from my main focus when I was working on A Bears World 
    and become much more about my relationships with these people.

    So here are two portraits of my good friend Nick who I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend with down in VA.
    I don’t know where exactly this project is heading but I’m curious to see what shape it takes the more I shoot for it. 

    --- 1 week ago --- 10 notes ---

    Since I was 11 Hoobastank has always been my favorite band, Their music has stuck with me through just about every phase of my life.
    Every new genre I got into, every new scene I found, and every change I made. And even though people make fun of me every time I say they are my favorite band, It never stops me from listening to them.
    To this day I still listen to their music no matter what I am currently into.
    Ever since I started photographing bands back in 2006, Hoobastank was number 1 on my bucket list. As I got older I got to see them live twice in huge venues and knew that my chance to photograph them was going to be very slim because of
    A. press passes for area shows hard to come and I don’t have that type of pull.
    B. arena shows are not my comfort zone for shooting a band. 

    So last week upon arriving to Mohegan Sun casino, I found out that they were playing a free show that next weekend at a tiny / awkward venue inside the middle of the casino. Perfect.
    Stage was 3 feet tall, no barrier and no security. Only issue was getting my camera into the venue without someone saying something.
    Got to the venue and lets just say the venue is like half a applebees and half of a normal venue. Very awkward.
    A woman came over to me and the person I was with and ask how many was in our party and then led us to a empty table where 4 other strangers also were instructed to sit with us about 20 feet from the stage. I immediately asked her if there was any way we could go up to the front where (very few) people were standing as they already started playing, She said that those are for VIP members (Where she must have thought that we wanted to go sit at the tables up front) and we were lucky we got in. Fuck.
    Bummed out but still happy I was there.
    As I turned around she must have saw my camera and turned to tell me that I was more than welcome to go up to stand and take photos. Bingo! That was my in, I immediately rushed to the front of the stage and ignored every single security guard there that eye balled me because fuck if I knew if I need a press pass or something. But I wasn’t going to let the stop me from shooting a band that I have listened to for over a decade.
    By the 4th song I was back and fourth from each side of the stage shooting and my voice was long gone.
    I shot until my finger and wrist wanted to fall off and my throat burned from singing with a voice that didn’t exist since the fourth song in. I was blown away. The set ended and I couldn’t believe I seriously just photographed the one band that was at the top of my list.

    I walked back to my car with a shit eating grin on my face the entire time.

    I don’t know what my point is to this story other than it was a major mark in my photography career for myself.

    --- 2 weeks ago --- 13 notes ---

    I had a date night with the love of my life couple days ago.

    We don’t do that enough.
    It was nice.

    July 2014

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    Check out the new music I directed, shot , and edited for Expire.

    And pick up their new record ‘Pretty Low’ which drops today.

    Buy the new record here

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    Choir Vandals

    Choir Vandals

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    A Short Flight.

    JFK - SYR

    JUNE 2013

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    The Swellers

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